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Prepare for the road ahead


What Makes Me Different?

One difference is my three-tiered investment portfolio approach. It is helpful to think in culinary terms:

Tier One, The Entrée ~ The main part of the portfolio is

designed based on proven principals, not predictions.

Academic research is applied, and a diversified collection of

holdings is assembled. Over 13,000 companies will typically

be represented in this portion of the portfolio. This reflects the

belief that over time capitalism worldwide will grow wealth.

Tier Two, The Sauce ~ Sauce goes over the entrée and

makes up a smaller overall portion of the meal but is still an

important contributor. Here we look at current economic

and political trends and make some tactical decisions about

individual market sectors that, given current conditions, are

likely to outperform other market sectors.

Tier Three, The Salt & Pepper ~ Even with a wonderful meal,

salt & pepper can enhance the experience. When we get

to this tier, the main portfolio construction is already done.

We have already applied academic research, the principals

of long-term investing and looked at current political and

economic situations. Tier Three is a chance to add a few

individual companies that analysis shows are doing well or

have the potential to do well. This is also the tier where a

client’s individual interests can be incorporated into the

overall investment strategy.

If this sounds interesting to you, let’s schedule a time to talk!